Sunday, 28 February 2010

The best of Cali, 10 things not to miss - backpacker´s recommendation

The best of Cali, 10 things not to miss. Backpacker´s recommendation.

1. Feria de Cali - taking part in one of the biggest salsa parties in the world at the end of December.

Photo by Filip Ziolkowski

2. Salsa Nightlife
- learning and practising salsa steps with the locals in one of many salsotecas.

Photo by Pietro Messa

3. San Antonio
- walking around colonial old town San Antonio and tasting the best Colombian coffee in one of the few cozy cafes.

Photo by Simon Santiago Madriñan

4. Rio Pance
- taking a break from the city noise in Rio Pance.

Photo by Filip Ziolkowski

5. San Cipriano
- tubing in San Cipriano.

Photo by Filip Ziolkowski

6. Loma de la Cruz
- shopping artcrafts and chilling in bohemian Loma de la Cruz.

Photo by John Jimenez

7. Chipichape
- "Silicon Valley" crowd watching in the shopping centre Chipichape.

Photo by José Luis Rodríguez

8. Taking a party ride on Chiva
- go across the city on the party bus.

Photo by Filip Ziolkowski

9. Ladrilleros
- jumping over waves in the Pacific coastal village Ladrilleros.

Photo by Filip Ziolkowski

10. Tres Cruces
- trekking Tres Cruces in a day time for spectacular view of the city.

Photo by Filip Ziolkowski

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Feb.24 to 28: Colombian Hostels Meeting in Iguana

The Colombian Hostels Association is holding their annual meeting in the Iguana at the end of February (24 to 28). Therefore the availability of rooms will be limited. Please call us to check availability and make your reservation.
Tel. 57 - 2 - 660 89 37   or 57 - 313 768 60 24

Monday, 15 February 2010

Iguana - Salsa Caleña with Jose and Jimena

Iguana hostel offers Salsa Caleña classes with Jose and Jimena for 20.000P/hr. Ask in reception for more details.

After few classes you should be able to dance at least as these travelers.

Saturday, 13 February 2010


Hi! Are you staying in Iguana hostel? Say hello or simply leave your comments, we would love to hear from you. Hola! ¿Te quedas en el Albergue Iguana? Saludanos o simplemente deja tus comentarios, nos gustaría saber lo que piensas.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

We are part of the Colombian Hostels

Colombia has become a magnet for travelers in South America. With beautiful rainforests, mountains and beaches, lively cities and enchanting colonial town. The highlight for many is the warm friendly people happy to have foreigners seeing their country and culture in a different light. Colombians are passionate about their country and want you to enjoy it, willing to share bottle of or teach a few salsa moves and always with a warm smile.

We are a group of hostels located around Colombia that offer comfort, security, up to date information and a friendly social environment.

Colombian Hostels:

San Agustín El Maco
Bucaramanga Kasaguane
Cartagena Casa Viena
Manizales Mountain House, Hostel Monalisa
San Gil Macondo
Salento Plantation House
Bogotá Platypus, Hostal Sue
Taganga, Santa Marta La Casa de Felipe, Aluna, La Brisa Loca
Villa de Leyva Colombian Highlands
Cali Iguana Hostel
Medellín Palm Tree, Casa Kiwi, Black Sheep
Mompós La Casa Amarilla