Monday, 28 June 2010

Rio Pance

Rio Pance
The Pance River is located in the southern side of Cali city and is a popular place for locals for recreation and leisure activities. It is clean and fresh enough to swim and play in the river.

What can you do:
- Hike to one of the peaks of the park
- Take a bath in the refreshing river
- Visit waterfalls
- Taste Sancocho de Gallina
- Stay overnight in awesome Anahuac Reserva Natural 21000COP for a room

How to get:

Walk 15 min to the bus terminal and ask for the minibus “Recreativo”. To Reserva Natural Anahuac take a bus “Transporte Recreativo 1A” and walk 1km from the Pance Village.

How much it costs:
1.500COP bus one way

How long it takes to get there:

Photos by Filip Ziolkowski and Urs

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  1. incredible, thank you for sharing the information! I will be heading out there today!


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