Tuesday, 30 March 2010

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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Where to Party in Cali

There is something going on on the Avenida 6 almost every night. It is just few blocks from The Iguana Hostel. On Friday and Saturday you can drink and dance almost in every corner of Cali. All parties in the City finish at 1-2am. After midnight the party crowd goes to the clubs of Menga or Juanchito where you can party until 5am. If you take a taxi from The Iguana Hostel it will cost you about 8000P (10min) if you go to Menga and up to 15000P (15-20min) for Juanchito.

Chango in Juanchito
Las Brisas de Jamundí - Km 7 Vía Cali-Jamundí, taxi about 15000COP one way

Siboney in Menga (couples)

De Melodías en la Roosvelt



La Bodega Cubana
La Fuente
La Comparsa
La Habana

Parque de la Caña

Also check Salsa PDF guide from Cali

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

New pictures of the Iguana Hostel Cali

Check them out!

Iguana at night

Iguana joined Facebook - Become a fan

Iguana joined Facebook - Become a fan, click here.

Friday, 12 March 2010

The Voice of Cali - The Best 10

This list is a result of the poll we run among people who live in Cali.

1. San Antonio - meet local artists, drink a cup of Colombian coffee at this relaxed colonial part of the city

Photo by Simon Santiago Madriñan

2. Rio Pance - get connected to the nature and discover your private waterfall

Photo by Filip Ziolkowski

3. San Cipriano - go tubing into the jungle

Photo by Filip Ziolkowski

4. Feria de Cali - go wild during one of the hottest salsa week party in the world

Photo by Filip Ziolkowski

5. Festival Petronio Álvarez - learn about Pacific Music at this unique Festival

Photo by Héctor Fabio Zamora / Cambio

6. Party in the south of the city - start in Tin Tin Deo, El Escondite or Parque del Perro and end up in Novena waiting or the sunset.

Photo by Tin Tin Deo

7. Loma de la Cruz - buy some handicrafts and listen to the local musicians

Photo by John Jimenez

8. Lago Calima - learn Windsurfing or Kitesurfing while relaxing at this windy lake

Photo by Pesca o windsurfing

9. Zoo de Cali - get closer to the wildest beasts of the amazonian forest

Photo by El Rincon de la scuatropatas

10. El kilómetro 18 - remember the feeling of the cold weather only 30 minutes from steamy Cali and try local food in one of the local restaurants

Photo by Filip Ziolkowski

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Spanish Classes

Fast learning - total immersion.

In 2 weeks you speak Spanish with the instructor Leandro.
Call me on 320 284 6739 / 373 1982 or
Email me leacard12@gmail.com

Hello my name is Leandro, I teach Spanish as a second language. I have four years of experience in teaching. I worked for two years in Costa Rica, in the schools "Wayra" and "EF International," and I also worked in Bogota. Currently I am teaching in Cali.

My teaching method is a “complete immersion” into the Spanish language. During the lesson you listen, speak and learn in Spanish only. The goal of this method is to enhance learning, so you can reach quick results. After two weeks with two to three hours a day, you will be able to speak basic Spanish.

The fee for one hour is 15,000 COP – that is about $ 7 to $ 8 US Dollars. For students, who take more than one week of classes I offer special prices.

I will provide the learning material and you do not have to spend time on the road, because I can give you the classes in the hostel/hotel.

I wait for you in the beautiful city of Cali where you will quickly improve your Spanish by talking to and with the friendly people, who live in our country.

Hola mi nombre es Leandro, soy profesor de español como segunda lengua, tengo cuatro años de experiencia, trabajé dos años en Costa Rica, en dos escuelas “Wayra” y “EF Internacional”, también he trabajado en Bogotá y, actualmente trabajo en Cali.

Uso un método de inmersión completo en el idioma Español, la idea es que escuches, hables y aprendas solamente usando el español. Mi objetivo con este método es intensificar el aprendizaje, de esta manera obtendrás mejores resultados, con un buen plan en dos semanas y con dos a tres horas diarias, tú podrás hablar español básico.

Las clases cuestan 15.000 COP pesos por hora, más o menos $7 a $8 dólares. Pero tengo mejores precios cuando los estudiantes toman más de una semana de clases.

Yo te daré material para trabajar y no tendrás que moverte del hostal porque yo te daré las clases en el hostal.

Los espero en nuestra hermosa ciudad donde aprenderás español y hablarás con la gente amable que tiene nuestro país.

Hallo, mein Name ist Leandro und ich unterrichte Spanisch als Zweitsprache. Nach 4-jähriger Berufserfahrung unterrichte ich nun in der Stadt Cali. Davor war ich für 2 Jahre in Costa Rica in den Schulen “Wayra” und “EF International”, sowie in Bogota tätig.

Meine Lehrmethode ist ein völliges “eintauchen” in die Spanische Sprache – im Unterricht wird nur Spansich gehört, gesprochen und gelernt. Mein Ziel ist dadurch ein schnelles Lernresultat zu erlangen – schon nach 2 Wochen mit 2-3 Stunden Unterricht am Tag ist es möglich Basiskenntnisse im Spanischen zu erlernen.

Eine Stunde Unterricht kostet 15,000 COP – das sind ungefähr 7-8 US $. Für Unterricht,  über einer Woche biete Spezialpreise.

Das Lernmaterial stelle ich zur Verfügung. Außerdem komme ich ins Hotel oder Hostel zum Unterricht.
Ich erwarte euch in unserer schönen Stadt Cali, in der ihr viele Möglichkeiten haben werdet, eure Spanischkenntnisse anzuwenden…

Student references:

"I spent three weeks taking Spanish Classes from Leandro. My knowledge in terms o verbs and vocabulary has greatly increased and I would highly recommend Leandro as a teacher." Robbie Dore

"I recommend Leandro as a teacher. He is very experienced and patient." Joe

"I have done two weeks o Spanish classes with Leandro. My knowledge and confidence has really increased over this time. I would definitely recommend Leandro if you want an enjoyable and personalised approach to learning Spanish" Mark Stargroom

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Diving at the Pacific coast, Gorgona and Malpelo

If you are interested in diving you can contact either the Iguana or directly:   

Rafael Lozano (Tel.0057-3137676099; rlozano@squalus.org

Rafael is a  very experienced and highly responsable Dive Instructor who knows Colombia´s best diving spots extremely well. He can give you the dates and all the details to the upcoming trips.
He´s currently doing research on sharks in Colombia for the NGO Squalus (www.squalus.org).

 For diving lovers there are amazing opportunities around Colombian Pacific Coast:

 1. Isla Gorgona

The island of Gorgona was untill 1985  a high security prison . A few years later it was declared National Park.
The dive sites are amazing and it is likely you see seaturtles, moreens and whitefin sharks. Depending on season and luck you might see humpback whales, whalesharks and manta rays.
There are two ways to visit Gorgona:

1. A weekend dive tour on a Dive Boat. The3 to 4 days on the boat, including dives, food, accomodation on the boat visit to the island and transportation from Cali  will cost you about (700USD).

2. If you want to stay on the island you have to book through the travel agent Aviatur. They run a hotel and a dive shop on Gorgona. Prices are rather high. For details visit www.aviatur.com (Parques Nacionales/Gorgona)

For more info visit wikitravel.org/Isla_Gorgona

 2. Malpelo

Malpelo is a big rock out in the Pacific about 500 km away from the coast.
It is home of a unique shark population; swarms of 200 hammerhead sharks and hundreds of silky sharks are frequently seen by diving expeditions, making it a very popular sharkdiving location. Malpelo is one of the few places where the Smalltooth sand tiger has been seen alive, in the dive site El bajo "El Monstruo" is frequently seen.
      Prices for dive tours to Malpelo are getting higher and higher (almost 3000 USD now). The trip is usually abaout a week long, stops in Gorgona for a day or two and in Malpelo for  three or four.

For more info visit wikipedia.org/Malpelo_Island

Monday, 1 March 2010

Paragliding in Cali

General questions

Who is paraheinz?
My full name is Heinz Müller, I am from Switzerland, and I am a paraglider pilot since 1996. I used to live in Cali from 1999 through 2004, and have come back to settle down here again in June 2009.

What clothes to wear for paragliding?
Firm shoes (hiking boots are best, but sneakers will do as well.)
Robust trousers (jeans are perfect)
Any top with long sleeves

How long will I be in the air?
Standard flight durations are from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on weather conditions (except Option 3: Cross-Country flight). Experience shows that most people who make their first paragliding flight are best off with a duration in this range.

We are two (or more) who want to do it – can we fly simultaneously?
Yes, you can. I will invite a friend of mine, an experienced local pilot, to join.

How do I get in touch with paraheinz?
By phone: 300 643 51 64
By mail: paraheinz@hotmail.com

Option 1: City flight

Where do we meet?
In front of the restaurant ’El Corral’, Av. 6A and Calle 28

When do we meet?
Either 8:15 am or 9:45 am, depending on weather conditions.

Where do we fly?
After launching in Golondrinas, a village situated in the mountain range a couple of kilometers north of ’las Tres Cruces’, we fly over the northern tip of Cali and enjoy great views of Cali and the Valle del Cauca.

Where do we land?
Next to the restaurant ’Simón Parrilla’, Av. 6 and Calle 52.

When will I be back?
You will usually leave the landing site (Av. 6 and Calle 52) between 11:00 am and noon. You can get to Iguana by taxi within 10 minutes.

What does it cost?
100'000.- Pesos

Option 2: Wilderness flight

Where do we meet?
In general I will pick you up in Iguana.

When do we meet?
Usually between 9:00 am and 10:00 am.

Where do we fly?
Some 40 km from Cali, next to (and above!) the famous ’Hacienda El Paraíso’, the scene of the Colombian version of ’Romeo and Juliet’. This is a lush, green area, a nice environment to spend a day out. Don’t forget to have your swimming suit with you -- there are a couple of rivers for bathing!

Where do we land?
On the official landing site, next to the village Los Ceibos.

When will I be back?
On weekdays:
We will return to Cali immediately after flying. Arrival in Cali in the afternoon hours, between 3 pm and 5 pm approximately, depending on weather conditions and number of clients.
On weekends and public holidays:
Typically between 7 pm and 8 pm. However, if you don’t feel like taking it as a complete day-trip, you do have the option to return to Cali by public transport immediately after your flight.

What does it cost?
100'000.- Pesos plus admission fee (launch site) 10'000.- plus transport costs 20'000.- (Cali – El Paraíso – Cali, El Paraíso – launch site)

On weekdays, a minimum of three people need to book in order to make the trip viable.

Option 3: Cross-Country flight

Where do we meet?
In front of the restaurant ’El Corral’, Av. 6A and Calle 28

When do we meet?
Between 8:15 am and 9:45am, depending on weather conditions.

Where do we fly?
We will launch in Golondrinas (see ’Option 1: City Flight’). We will then try to climb to cloud base, in order to start our way towards Yumbo, the next town north of Cali. Be aware that the reaching of our goal cannot be guaranteed, since it largely depends on weather conditions (thermal lift). If we manage to reach our goal, we will usually spend about one hour in the air.

Where do we land?
In Yumbo, if we manage to reach our goal, or anywhere on the way there.

When will I be back?
Most probably by 1:00 pm.

What does it cost?
180'000.- Pesos