Sunday, 28 February 2010

The best of Cali, 10 things not to miss - backpacker´s recommendation

The best of Cali, 10 things not to miss. Backpacker´s recommendation.

1. Feria de Cali - taking part in one of the biggest salsa parties in the world at the end of December.

Photo by Filip Ziolkowski

2. Salsa Nightlife
- learning and practising salsa steps with the locals in one of many salsotecas.

Photo by Pietro Messa

3. San Antonio
- walking around colonial old town San Antonio and tasting the best Colombian coffee in one of the few cozy cafes.

Photo by Simon Santiago Madriñan

4. Rio Pance
- taking a break from the city noise in Rio Pance.

Photo by Filip Ziolkowski

5. San Cipriano
- tubing in San Cipriano.

Photo by Filip Ziolkowski

6. Loma de la Cruz
- shopping artcrafts and chilling in bohemian Loma de la Cruz.

Photo by John Jimenez

7. Chipichape
- "Silicon Valley" crowd watching in the shopping centre Chipichape.

Photo by José Luis Rodríguez

8. Taking a party ride on Chiva
- go across the city on the party bus.

Photo by Filip Ziolkowski

9. Ladrilleros
- jumping over waves in the Pacific coastal village Ladrilleros.

Photo by Filip Ziolkowski

10. Tres Cruces
- trekking Tres Cruces in a day time for spectacular view of the city.

Photo by Filip Ziolkowski


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