Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Few ideas what to do and how to spend a day in Cali

1. Walk from the Iguana Hostel along Avenida 6ta until you reach the bridge that connects Av6 with the old town, on the corner before the bridge stop for the fruit salad Colombian style (5000COP), cross the bridge and walk confidently for another (10-20 min) until you reach colonial district San Antonio, grab a cup of coffee in one of the various Cafes, climb the famous old church hill and find your way to Loma de La Cruz (10min walk), buy some cheap hand-craft, grab a beer and listen to the local musicians, when you ready take a taxi to Iguana Hostel (5000-6000COP) and if you are still not enough get ready for the party, make a BBQ or chill out in the hostel garden.

2. At noon, try the best almuerzo at the Alicante Restaurant (5500COP), two blocks away from the hostel. Then come back to The Iguana and get ready for adventurous local Agua Park (PARQUE DE LA CA√ĎA DE AZUCAR) (around 10000COP Taxi and 15000COP entrance fee), swim, get crazy or chill out until the evening then, then on the way to the hostel visit legendary Shopping Center ChipiChape, observe the plastic surgery crowd, try a decent meal or grab a beer and then come back to the hostel. If you are salsa and Latin music lover you can party in the city every night.

3. Wake up early, get a taxi (6000COP) to colorful Galeria Alameda, try delicious Colombian seafood(Sancocho de Pescado or Colombian Ceviche), take colorful pictures, buy unique fruit and when you ready take a taxi back to the hostel. Relax and visit Centenario shopping center (20 min walk) for the cheap movies, new releases (6000COP). Party afterwards if you are not enough.

4. Wake up very early and take a bus to Rio Pance (1.30hr), ask for a walk "Paseo de Olla", enjoy the nature and ask for the local waterfalls, try local food and on the way back home stop for a beer or two in many bars in the south of the city (el faro, ruta 66).

Any questions?

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

New Iguana Website

We are happy to launch a new improved Iguana website. We are still working on details but I hope you will enjoy it. If you have any good or funny picture from Cali and you would like us to publish it on the blog please send us en email: iguana_cali@yahoo.com.


Monday, 5 April 2010

Why you should stay in The Iguana Hostel

1. Trust us, we have more then 10 years of experience in serving travelers.

2. We are located in the quite residential area of Cali, Granada, few blocks away from the hot Colombian style nightlife.

Photo by Pietro Messa

3. You will be served by friendly experienced stuff.

4. Bored of rice and beans? Store, cook or prepare your fav dish in well equipped kitchen.

5. Update you Facebook status by using two working stations connected to Internet or Free WiFi.

6. Unwind in the spacious garden, admire humming birds or have a beer while preparing BBQ your style.

7. Watch TV-cable, DVDs, relax in the terrace or meet other travellers in the living room area.

8. Take Salsa or Spanish classes right in the hostel.

9. Improve your look by using laundry service, secure your passport and credit cards in the locker room and park your Harley in the garage.

10. Don´t forget you are in Cali, the city with friendly and beautiful people who will make you feel at home. Spanish and Salsa will help you a lot!

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