Friday, 12 March 2010

The Voice of Cali - The Best 10

This list is a result of the poll we run among people who live in Cali.

1. San Antonio - meet local artists, drink a cup of Colombian coffee at this relaxed colonial part of the city

Photo by Simon Santiago Madriñan

2. Rio Pance - get connected to the nature and discover your private waterfall

Photo by Filip Ziolkowski

3. San Cipriano - go tubing into the jungle

Photo by Filip Ziolkowski

4. Feria de Cali - go wild during one of the hottest salsa week party in the world

Photo by Filip Ziolkowski

5. Festival Petronio Álvarez - learn about Pacific Music at this unique Festival

Photo by Héctor Fabio Zamora / Cambio

6. Party in the south of the city - start in Tin Tin Deo, El Escondite or Parque del Perro and end up in Novena waiting or the sunset.

Photo by Tin Tin Deo

7. Loma de la Cruz - buy some handicrafts and listen to the local musicians

Photo by John Jimenez

8. Lago Calima - learn Windsurfing or Kitesurfing while relaxing at this windy lake

Photo by Pesca o windsurfing

9. Zoo de Cali - get closer to the wildest beasts of the amazonian forest

Photo by El Rincon de la scuatropatas

10. El kilómetro 18 - remember the feeling of the cold weather only 30 minutes from steamy Cali and try local food in one of the local restaurants

Photo by Filip Ziolkowski


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